November 25, 2022

It came across owing to Rusty when she is actually trying to help Ashleigh and you may first started matchmaking

It came across owing to Rusty when she is actually trying to help Ashleigh and you may first started matchmaking

Maximum try Rusty’s RA. When Maximum got accepted so you can graduate college or university from the CalTech, she thought they will breakup, but alternatively he existed on Cyrpus with the exception of the week the guy went to England. Eventually out of year step three, she broke up with him whenever she noticed that she has been crazy about Cappie. Max, heartbroken departs Cyprus and moves to England leaving Casey a box loaded with something.

Ashleigh Howard

Casey: “Our company is Mary-Kate and you will Ashley! ” Casey and you may Ashleigh should be family members and just have become since they are freshmen season. They found regarding laundry place of their dorm and additionally they lived on the same floors. As the freshmen, they hurried ZBZ with her and you may turned into sorority sisters. They then gone into ZBZ household and you will became roommates its sophomore season. Casey and Ashleigh always sit best friends even from the suprising election away from Ashleigh because the fresh new president of ZBZ during the its senior seasons, suprising and you may frusturating Casey who had focus on up against Frannie first.

Rebecca Logan

Casey’s ZBZ little brother. With the first-night from hurry Rebecca slept which have Evan, Casey’s boyfriend. That it brought about their bitter rivalry during the seasons that. This rivalry intense whenever Rebecca started relationship Casey’s ex boyfriend, Cappie. But even after the feud, Casey stood right up to have Rebecca in front of Teagan, getting dating sites for Elite people Rebecca’s believe. When you are nevertheless not a knowledgeable family relations, Casey and you may Rebecca proceeded to keep on the an excellent terminology, actually sporadically helping both out.


Katherine and you can Casey spent some time working with her into the Panhellenic. They don’t begin off to the right foot even so they soon become family. Within the 12 months four they started training with her for laws university. Katherine sometimes ask Casey for advice about relationship. When Katherine match Rusty she would go to Casey later on and informs this lady one she actually is looking for Rusty and you may shes thinks the guy is actually “simple.” She would go to the newest Kappa Tau Valentines Day Dance as Rusty’s big date however, will get troubled when she discovers one Casey bribed Rusty from the telling your they can play with her vehicles whenever he wants for thirty day period, but only when he will offer Katherine various other opportunity shortly after their date that is first try a little uncomfortable


Betsy is this lady pal and you may public sofa for some time. They don’t invest too much effort with her but they are siblings for the entire collection.

During the rush, Casey meets Rebecca Logan, the new senator’s daughter. She in the course of time does not impress the girl inside signing up for ZBZ. The following day, she meets which have Rebecca once again in to the a stands regarding a bathroom. She will get Rebecca to promise ZBZ from the encouraging the lady one she’ll meet the most well known men out of Omega Chi Delta and therefore they are going to fold the principles on her behalf and allow the girl to go into the fresh ZBZ domestic, even in the event she is good freshmen. When Casey yields towards the ZBZ house, Rusty is there waiting for this lady. The guy informs their that stuck Evan cheat for her. She rejects brand new accusation and he accuses Rusty out-of lying, before incurring the house. While you are sobbing, Frannie comes into the woman place and you will informs the girl that everybody have heard you to definitely Evan got intercourse that have Rebecca Logan. Casey was astonished that it was Rebecca, but is far more astonished at Frannie’s curiosity on if or not she’ll stick to Evan and demand for nevertheless which have Rebecca Logan pledge ZBZ. Frannie tells their that when she sensed making the fresh new presidency from ZBZ to her, Evan is actually a massive component that starred into the woman planning, and additionally Casey getting Rebecca so you can hope due to their sorority. Frannie next tells Casey you to Evan cheat for her try their error very she have to do any sort of she should do to build one thing correct.

If you find yourself Casey keeps managed to move on, Evan weil Sig , $a thousand to face the woman upwards. Evan constantly thwarts any threat of Casey actually conference yet another child. Through to hearing Evan’s trickery, Casey is disgusted and you can wants nothing to do with your. Folk brains to help you Myrtle Coastline to own spring crack, in which once again Casey are attracted to Cappie.

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